photography • Graphic Design
• Plant Lover • skincare

George Abel


I’ve loved photography since childhood, fascinated by angles and lighting in nature. In high school, I chose it as an elective and found my calling. Photography captures life’s moments and tells stories. My goal is to improve, capture perfect shots, and create lasting memories.


A few years ago, I would not have labeled myself as a “plant dad”. My husband was the one who collected plants. However, my perspective changed as I started appreciating the diverse varieties and learning about their backstories and scientific processes. I was fascinated by how some plants have evolved over time to create stunning colors and mutations.


Having a cosmetology license in both Colorado and New Mexico, I initially did not envision myself in the skincare field when I joined cosmetology school 13 years ago. However, after graduating from cosmetology school, I had the chance to undertake a 1000 course, which centered around skincare. It was during this course that my mentor, Julie, noticed a talent within me that I was not aware of. Her guidance helped me shift the direction of my life.


More images coming soon